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Posing for a purpose

WWE Superstars are no stranger to beautiful women -- in fact, the WWE Divas are known as the sexiest women on television. However, when Cindy Margolis, the cover girl of the December issue of Playboy, decided to drop by the Nationwide Arena to visit the WWE Superstars and Divas with copies of her Playboy issue in hand, there were definitely some, ahem, "eyebrows" that were raised.

"I'm into all the hot women WWE has, but I'm really looking forward to meeting Candice Michelle and Torrie Wilson," she said of the two fellow Playboy cover girls. "They both had amazing issues in Playboy, and Candice was actually one of my inspirations to get in shape for my issue."

Prior to the show, Margolis made her rounds and chatted with many RAW and SmackDown Superstars and talked about everything from her favorite past WWE matches to Gene Snitsky's foot fetish.

"I'm a huge WWE fan," she admitted. "It's family oriented programming, and that's why I decided to pose nude for the first time in this month's Playboy -- to help families in need."

The "Queen of the Internet" insists her decision to shed her clothes after "graciously turning down Mr. Hefner for 20 years" was solely for charity, not gratuity. 

"If it was a monetary reason I would have done this when I was 25," she said. "I made my career keeping my clothes on."

Playboy has agreed to donate the proceeds from her December issue toward the charity Resolve: the National Fertility Association.

"I struggled with infertility for many years. My one son was born through in vitro fertilization and after that I wasn't able to conceive," said Margolis. "My twin girls were born via surrogate conception and I'm just trying to make those two methods to help families who wish to expand but physically can't more mainstream."

"Mr. Hefner was kind enough to give me the biggest issue of the year -- the December issue, which is on newsstand now, and I'm extremely proud of the pictures and how they turned out."

Margolis is no newcomer to WWE. In fact, her first visit came nearly ten years ago when she attended the 1997 Slammy Awards with The Rock.

"The Rock and I are still friends to this day; I take some credit for his success," she joked.

For a look at Margolis' first-ever nude pictorial, check out the December issue of Playboy.

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