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Stunning News: ‘Stone Cold' at Raw next Monday in L.A.

Stunning News: ‘Stone Cold' at Raw next Monday in L.A.

PHILADELPHIA -- You can only poke a rattlesnake so long before he bites back.

As Santino Marella continued his criticism of former WWE Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and his acting skills in front of the Wachovia Center crowd tonight on Raw, the familiar sound of glass breaking in The Texas Rattlesnake's music poured from the arena speakers.

The crowd went wild as "Stone Cold" appeared on the TitanTron -- or so they thought. Cheers quickly turned to boos as they realized it was not Austin, but Marella in disguise -- an early Halloween costume of his own. (WATCH

As Marella argued with his poorly-costumed "Stone Cold" alter ego, Maria rushed to the ring with bad news. The Texas Rattlesnake will be on Raw live next Monday night at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles.

Marella seemed visibly shaken by the news. After all these weeks of trashing Austin in The Condemned and his beer-swilling ways, had the beneficiary of the "Milan Miracle" signed his own death warrant? Was his comeuppance one week away?

In the past, Stone Cold has not taken criticism well. Past wars of words with DX, The Rock and Mr. McMahon have erupted into physical and sometimes bloody battles.

Could the fiery Italian have bitten off more pasta fagioli than he can chew when he mocked the Rattlesnake's acting abilities? Or will Marella stand fast and go face-to-face with the former champion in the City of Angels?

We all find out together next week on Monday Night Raw, but Maria better have that snakebite kit handy for her man in Los Angeles.

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