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Behind the 'Music'

Behind the 'Music'

UNITED KINGDOM -- Though Shawn Michaels desperately wants our fans to select him to face Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at Cyber Sunday, the match is not entirely about the title for HBK. It's also about making the Legend Killer know what it's like to feel loss.

"I have a chance to even the score with Randy Orton. He tried to kick my head off several months ago," Michaels told WWE.com. "My career at this point is not based on championships. But the reason I could be satisfied if I took the WWE Championship away from him is I find that to be his most prized possession at this point. Everything that he holds dear in his life right now revolves around that WWE Championship, and what better way to hurt a man than to take away his pride and joy?"

If Michaels seems more intense, more focused than he's been in a long time, it's because he spent months watching Orton crow about how he ended his career. For five months, HBK watched from his home in San Antonio as the third-generation star rattled off his name as among his legendary conquests. Michaels stewed as Orton suggested that he was just another notch in his Legend Killing belt en route to his destiny, the WWE Championship.

And the more the Legend Killer talked, the more Michaels was reminded of that fateful night last May at Judgment Day, when Orton put him out of action with a severe concussion. He didn't want the last image of his storied career to be that of him being taken away on a stretcher and carted into an ambulance, with his wife weeping at his side. (WATCH

Orton tried to do more than end HBK's career; he tried to take away his ability to enjoy the ones he holds most dear -- his wife and children. For that reason alone, HBK knew he had to come back and exorcise his Randy Orton demon once and for all. He hopes our fans will help him in his quest at Cyber Sunday. Michaels will even personally try to sway the vote in his favor. (WATCH: HBK lobby for your Cyber Sunday vote)

"I will get on and vote for myself," he said. "I would like the fans to put me in the match and give me to the opportunity to settle the score with Randy Orton and on top of that take the WWE Championship away from him. But I tell you what, whether I'm voted in or not at Cyber Sunday, Randy Orton is going to see me."

So far, Orton has seen a lot of HBK's boot -- two mouthfuls of Sweet Chin Music -- since his return. He has learned that Michaels' legend is a long way from being over. However, even in his darkest moments during his five-month hiatus, The Showstopper never believed Orton had killed his legacy.

"Randy Orton, I have to give him credit. He tries to be the Legend Killer, but he has to understand that before God Almighty laid down the foundation that is the Earth, the legend that is HBK was already put into motion," Michaels said. "So, absolutely nothing Orton does from this point on will ever end that."


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