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Turn tail or fight?

Turn tail or fight?

For that rare Superstar with enough resolve to reach the apex of the WWE—the championship gold—a tumble from such lofty heights is sure to leave a few scars.

For former Women's Champion Candice Michelle, the scrapes of her defeat at No Mercy have left her with a decision to make: Slink away and nurse her wounds, or move beyond the pain of losing her crown and unearth the determination to get it back.

It has taken months of strenuous work for the former model just to chip away at criticism that she was nothing more than a pretty face. Even after defeating Melina for the Women's Championship at Vengeance: Night of Champions, Candice still had doubt swirling around her. But after months of proving herself against an onslaught of Divas, she finally appeared to be quieting any remaining detractors.

Then came the Glamazon.

Enjoying a formidable size and strength advantage, Beth Phoenix appeared unstoppable. She easily woman-handled Candice during their match at Unforgiven, until the nearly unthinkable happened: the cagey Candy-coated Diva rolled up the over confident Glamazon to retain the title.

However, at No Mercy, Beth would not be deterred. While Candice put up a brave battle, the Glamazon proved too powerful and captured the Women's Championship.

Can Candice possibly hope to unseat such a seemingly intractable Champion?

If her performance on Raw the night after No Mercy was any indication, she's damn well going to try. In a Six-Divas Tag Team Match pitting Candice, Mickie James & Maria against Beth Phoenix, Jillian Hall & Melina, the Candy-coated Diva elevated her game and pinned Hall for the win.

Though the Glamazon herself wasn't defeated, Candice showed her that she could bounce back from a devastating loss. In the coming weeks, our fans will discover whether the Candy-coated Diva will challenge Beth again or whether the self-proclaimed "Era of the Glamazon" will continue to roll.

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