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Umaga senses wounded Game

Umaga senses wounded Game

Last month on Raw, Triple H pummeled Umaga with a steel chair, knocked out the Samoan bully with a crushing sledgehammer blow and left him lying in a pool of his own blood. Looking straight into the beast's eyes that night, The Game had brought the Samoan Bulldozer to a grinding -- and seemingly long-term -- halt.
Amazingly, Umaga came back for more. And now the vengeance-minded Samoan is more dangerous than he's ever been, itching to exact retribution on Triple H for his past humiliation.

Even though the then-WWE Champion had defeated Umaga at No Mercy, it took every ounce of strength to keep the title out of the behemoth's hands. And the effects of that brutal struggle were evident, as The Game -- bruised ribs and spent -- lost the title to Randy Orton in his third match of the night, the Last Man Standing championship main event.

Like the heavy construction equipment he's nicknamed for, Umaga would roll over Triple H on last Monday's Raw like a steamroller flattens a fast-food drink cup, leaving The Game struggling to stand and gasping for air.

As The Game must now recover from the soul-sapping attack, the Samoan Bulldozer appears to have the upper hand -- both mentally and physically. Locker room sources could not confirm the extent of Triple H's injuries, though one did claim that they've never seen The Game look so "beaten up."
Having defeated nearly all comers throughout his storied career, Triple H's spilled blood in the water may stir a feeding frenzy in a Raw locker room full of sharks seeking payback on The Game.

In fact, Triple H might need a bigger boat to defend himself from the waves of challengers that will want a piece of him in his weakened condition -- especially a 348-pound Samoan monster with nothing but bloody revenge on his primitive mind.

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