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Fights, camera, Access!

Fights, camera, Access!

This Monday, Raw's cup will runneth over. In addition to the usual deluge of Divas, two more sexy, smart and powerful women will drop by. Nancy O'Dell of Access Hollywood will be the evening's special guest hostess, and she'll be joined by fellow showbiz insider Maria Menounos to further spice up the proceedings.

In addition to their hosting duties on Access Hollywood, O'Dell and Menounos are both keeping busy with other projects as well. For her part, O'Dell continues to crusade for a cure for ALS, or Lou Gehring's Disease, through her charity Betty's Battle, which was named for her mother who passed away from the disease in 2008. (WATCH) Meanwhile, Menounos has been spreading the word about her upcoming comedy feature Serial Buddies, due out in 2010.

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