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Superstars react to Cena's injury

Superstars react to Cena's injury

With John Cena's torn pectoral muscle taking him out of ring action for the next six months to a year, he has no choice but to relinquish his WWE Championship. So what does that mean come No Mercy this Sunday, the Last Man Standing Match against No. 1 Contender Randy Orton, or the landscape of Raw? These are all questions that must be answered in the ensuing days ahead, but WWE.com got a head-start at a WWE live event by asking several SmackDown and ECW Superstars to weigh in with their comments.

SmackDown Superstar Finlay:
"What does John Cena's injury mean for Raw and WWE? It opens a big window of opportunity for everybody else who has on a pair of wrestling boots."

ECW General Manager Armando Estrada:
"Well, what John Cena's torn pec does for No Mercy is that it puts the ball quite favorably in the challenger, Randy Orton's corner, wouldn't you agree? And Raw is in for a big shakeup. When the top dog gets hurt…. Hey, it's anybody's ball, but right now, it looks like Randy Orton's."

SmackDown Superstar Kenny Dykstra:
"Cena's injury can mean a lot of things, but not for Kenny Dykstra, because I'm on SmackDown. For Raw, though, it means that Superman is out. Superman is no longer there, and that means that anybody can take over his Rome."

SmackDown Superstar Chuck Palumbo:
"A lot of our fans are going to be very disappointed, because we have a huge John Cena following. It's a shame that Cena had to go down, but at the same time, let's turn a negative into a positive. Now there's a big opportunity available. Who's gonna step up and run with it? It creates an excitement in our business to see who's going to fill his shoes from this point on."

ECW Superstar The Miz:
"Cena's injury is a chance for some other guys to step up to the plate and take his reign. But it's some hard shoes to fill. He was the man -- The Champ. Now it's kind of hard to see what's going to happen…to see who's going to step up and take that top spot."

SmackDown Superstar Chris Masters:
"Cena was the main man for the past three years on Raw. I know -- I had to battle the guy several times, and he was the right man for the spot. Unfortunately, things happen. But a torn pec? I don't know. The Masterpiece never had a torn pec. Maybe Cena's getting a bit brittle."

SmackDown announcer John Bradshaw Layfield:
"The only person in history who was more important to this company than John Cena was, of course, me. And that's not even a fair comparison, because I was the greatest of all time. I carried the company for so long; 18 straight months of main events, unprecedented. Losing me to retirement still affects the company, even though the company is recovering and, thank God, I'm still doing commentary. But it is a significant loss.

"Cena has been our number one guy for quite a long time. The whole company is riding on his back. But now you've got an opportunity for somebody to step up. My opportunity to become a main-event guy came because Brock Lesnar decided to play football, and Big Show and some of the other big names were hurt. Somebody has an opportunity to step up here, an opportunity they wouldn't normally have. So we'll find out."

ECW World Champion CM Punk:
"You hate to see anyone get hurt, or to see anything happen to the lineage of the WWE Title. Obviously, something like this breaks the lineage. The Orton-Cena Last Man Standing Match for No Mercy was something that I really looked forward to. I wish Cena the speediest recovery.

"What this does for Raw…. They just lost their top guy. It's horrible for John Cena, but from a business point, it's time to see who will step up. I know a lot of people will say that, but there are a lot of people who won't take advantage of it.

"Again, this is a horrible thing to happen to anybody, but Cena's been pretty much injury-free for six straight years, and that's an accomplishment in itself. In this business, you get hurt. You have the schedule he has, you get hurt. A lot of people think he needed a break soon, but this isn't the way he wanted to get it. Imagine how scary it's going to be when John Cena comes back. He's going to have that break and be refreshed. Whoever steps up, when John Cena comes back, they are going to be tested, that's for sure."

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