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Not-so-sweet surrender?

Not-so-sweet surrender?

MILWAUKEE -- It seems that WWE Champion John Cena's rage may have gotten the best of him. Mr. McMahon has given Acting Raw GM Jonathan Coachman the power to decide whether to strip The Champ of his WWE Championship in a Championship Surrender Ceremony later tonight on Raw.

Cena was seething over the beating his father took in a match against Randy Orton that Acting Raw GM Jonathan Coachman set up last week. Mr. Cena put his body on the line after Coachman threatened to strip his son of the WWE Championship. Last week, Orton attacked Cena and handcuffed him to the ring ropes, making him watch as he gave his father a horrific thrashing.

This week, The Champ could not be contained, even after Coachman told him he would be stripped of his title if he laid his hands on him or Mr. McMahon. Cena evaded security guards surrounding the ring and dove onto Coachman and knocked down Mr. McMahon. Who knows what he would have done to Coach if WWE officials and security guards hadn't pulled him off him? Ask William Regal what Cena is capable of; he's still convalescing from injuries The Champ inflicted because of his ongoing war with Orton.

Now it seems Cena has hurt himself. For more than a year, no one has been able to take the WWE Championship away from him. It appears he may have cost himself the gold -- and his father may have to watch from home as his son relinquishes the title.

What will happen if John Cena is forced to give up his cherished title in a Championship Surrender Ceremony? Stay with Raw tonight and find out.

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