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Cena's dad to face Orton

Cena's dad to face Orton

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- John Cena's father has volunteered to face Randy Orton in a match tonight on Raw to prevent Acting GM Jonathan Coachman from stripping his son of the WWE Championship.

Based on Mr. Cena's attack on Orton Sunday night at Unforgiven, Coachman told The Champ that he had grounds to strip him of the WWE Championship. Last night, Cena was disqualified in his championship match when he refused to stop pummeling Orton in the corner. When the Legend Killer grabbed the elder Cena out of his ringside seat and prepared to re-enact his previous attack where he gave him a concussion, the WWE Champion pounced and locked Orton in an STFU. Cena's father then gave Orton a dose of his own medicine by punting him in the skull.

An outraged Coachman immediately signed Orton and Cena to a rematch for the title at No Mercy on Oct. 7, but it will be a Last Man Standing Match. However, as he has shown tonight, he also wanted The Champ to pay for his dad's involvement at Unforgiven, even though Mr. Cena was provoked by Orton. The elder Cena knows how much the WWE Championship means to his son, and how hard he has worked for it. He was willing to do anything to protect his son's WWE Championship. So, he willingly agreed to face Orton, though arguably he had no choice as a loving father.

Mr. Cena has never wanted to be a liability to his son. But he is being used as a tool in this ever-escalating personal war between the WWE Champion and Orton. Find out what will happen when Cena's father squares off against the Legend Killer later tonight on Raw.

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