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Sci Fi gets Raw

Sci Fi gets Raw

Not since the Cuban Missile Crisis has there been such a naked act of provocation. This Monday, for one night only, Raw Superstars abandon their usual home on USA Network to invade the Sci Fi Channel, the bastion of ECW.

"We'll let the Raw Superstars on the Sci Fi Channel Monday as long as they know their place," warned ECW General Manager Armando Estrada. "But Tuesday nights is when we get extreme on Sci Fi, if you know what I mean."

And if any of the ECW Superstars are feeling threatened by Raw muscling in on their turf, Estrada isn't tipping his hat. "Whether the [ECW Superstars] are feeling uneasy or not is unimportant," the flashy Cuban said. "That's why they have me to be their leader. I'm the man that steers the hardcore vehicle that's known as ECW."

While many of the extreme Superstars are likely feeling less than thrilled about sharing their spotlight, others haven't proven quite so territorial.

"I hear that some of the ECW Superstars are a bit miffed," revealed Matt Striker. "But while there can only be one massive intellect, there are so many personalities that I admire on Raw: General Manager [William] Regal and especially, Mr. McMahon"

Striker not only expressed zero reservations about Raw's incursion, he welcomed it.

"Their appearance only does wonders for Sci Fi," ECW's Extreme Educator explained. "There may not be room for many bright people in this world, but there's always room for Raw Superstars on Sci Fi. The word is synergy, bringing together, and that, of course, is my lesson to you."

Whether the likes of ECW Champion John Morrison or Boogeyman or Big Daddy V are feeling as content as Striker remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: To catch all the action on Raw, tune into Sci Fi this Monday at 9/8 CT.

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