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Will Raw reunion be feast or famine for Mr. McMahon?

Will Raw reunion be feast or famine for Mr. McMahon?

Mr. McMahon hates lawyers. They swarm in a feeding frenzy when they smell blood in the water. They sink their teeth into motions and objections with ravenous hunger. And they charge for their carnage by the hour.

Tonight, the Chairman might need a bigger boat. His family is coming armed with their own school of legal sharks to confront him over his paternity suit fiasco.

The controversy consuming the locker rooms of SmackDown, Raw and ECW has wreaked havoc in the McMahon clan. The Chairman's wife, Linda, has already booted him out of their suburban mansion. His son, Shane, has refused to talk to him. And his daughter, Stephanie, was the one who delivered the shocking news on Raw that a WWE Superstar is his illegitimate child -- McMahon learned later that the bastard is a male Superstar.

So, to say that the McMahon's Labor Day holiday won't be exactly festive is an understatement. But there will likely be fireworks as the family looks to protect their interests -- both emotional and financial -- at Monday Night Raw in Columbus, Ohio.

Mr. McMahon has said that his family is "all about the MON-AYYY" -- and he might have a point.

Since the members of the family each own a stake in WWE, they don't want to lose part or all of their company share (or future inheritance) to Mr. McMahon's long-lost bastard son. Perhaps teaming up together to protect their collective interests is a wise strategy, and they'll be able to protect their personal interests in the process.

Emotionally, the McMahon clan has suffered through the Chairman's roller coaster of indiscretions for years. Mr. McMahon has had several well-publicized affairs with WWE Divas Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson and Melina, plus a slew of other women. And the Chairman has been unrepentant, sometimes bragging, about his sexual conquests worldwide. The effects of seeing their father womanize on worldwide television could have traumatized Shane and Stephanie in ways yet unknown.

And what about poor Linda? Except for a lapse in 2001 where Linda asked for a divorce, the family matriarch has stayed patient and faithful to her wayward husband throughout their 41 years of marriage. But this bastard son might be Linda's ultimate breaking point. Her lawyers could be looking to protect her share of the family business, but could also aim to take a bit of the Chairman's fortune as spousal support.

As Mr. McMahon heads into the most dysfunctional waters of his family life tonight, will he survive swimming with the sharks? Or will his family's legal-assisted confrontation leave him wishing he was sleeping with the fishes?

Find out tonight at 9 ET/8 CT on USA Network.

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