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Cena's father suffers severe concussion, no brain damage

BOSTON --  WWE Champion John Cena's father underwent CAT scans that showed he did not suffer any brain damage from the direct kick to his skull from Randy Orton Monday night on Raw, WWE.com has learned. But Mr. Cena did suffer a severe concussion.

The elder Cena suffered a grade III concussion when Orton, seething over the denial of a request for an immediate WWE Championship rematch against his son, pulled him out of his ringside seat and punted him. The Champ's father lost consciousness and suffered a cut above his left eye from the force of Orton's boot. (WATCH)

Mr. Cena has been moved from the hospital to a private medical facility for further treatment. WWE.com will have further updates on Mr. Cena's condition as they become available.

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