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Arena Report - Arena at Harbor Yard

It doesn't seem like eight months, but that's how long it has been since RAW made its last appearance in Bridgeport, CT. It was December 26, 2005 in the Arena at Harbor Yard when Vince McMahon uttered those infamous words, "Don't make me screw you," to Shawn Michaels. The threat has come back to haunt The Chairman in the worst way since the Heartbreak Kid teamed up with Triple H to revive D-Generation X and wreak havoc on WWE. Now that the pranksters have proven their ability to overpower authority, will the McMahons and DX finally call a truce?

On December 26, the theme was "beat the clock" as Carlito, John Cena, Michaels, Chris Masters, Kurt Angle and Kane competed to be named the last man to enter the Elimination Chamber at New Year's Revolution. On March 8, 2004 on RAW, Evolution highlighted the show when they interrupted Mick Foley's book party. The night also featured Chris Benoit shutting down Matt Hardy. RAW's first trip to Bridgeport on November 18, 2002 was headlined by Rob Van Dam's Triple Threat win over Booker T and Chris Jericho. The victory led to a chance at the World Heavyweight Championship as well as a new alliance with Shawn Michaels.

Just over a year ago, SmackDown made its most recent visit to Harbor Yard where Undertaker vowed to end Randy Orton's legend-killing streak. Now, one day after his loss to the legend of all legends, will Orton still consider himself the Legend Killer? Could Hulk Hogan have possibly humbled the young Superstar?

The Arena seats 10,000 and played host to the regional rounds of the NCAA women's basketball tournament this year. It has only been standing since 2001, but WWE has paid a visit every year since. Tonight's show promises to be as exciting as ever as fans that didn't get enough watching SummerSlam won't have to wait long for the after party.

Will Foley have anything to say after being tortured by the "Nature Boy" in last night's "I Quit" Match, or will he be nursing his hangover from the Biggest Party of the Summer? No gold changed hands last night, but will Kane wrestle the Intercontinental Championship away from Johnny Nitro? When the royal couple of King Booker and Sharmell stood face-to-face backstage with the championship couple of Edge and Lita, did they start a rivalry that will bring RAW and SmackDown to a head? Find out tonight and watch the return of Jeff Hardy on RAW at 9/8 CT on USA.

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