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North of disorder

North of disorder

CALGARY, Alberta  - It's been a long, sweltering summer, especially for the Superstars of Monday Night Raw. And while making a run for the border of Canada might seem like just the way to cool off, having Sgt. Slaughter as Raw's special guest host certainly kept the heat on.

Also, in tribute to tonight's special guest host, WWE.com has handed over WWE e-Vote to ask the following question: Who did tonight's Hall of Fame guest host, Sgt. Slaughter, defeat to capture his first WWE Championship? Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior or Hulk Hogan? Results...

John Cena def. Chris Jericho by disqualification (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Perhaps hoping to boost his standing with his fellow Canucks, Chris Jericho wanted to accomplish something in front of them he'd never done before; defeat John Cena. Well, that quest went about as far as a moose on a motorcycle. As one half of the Unified Tag Team Champions, Jericho certainly held his own against Cena. Unfortunately for him, though, Randy Orton wanted to send a message to his SummerSlam opponent and interfered in the bout by attacking Jericho. The intrusion triggered an immediate disqualification and also prompted Big Show to rush to the ring to chokeslam Orton, leaving both he and Cena lying on the canvas.

The pandemonium led Raw guest host Sgt. Slaughter to interrupt the proceedings to announce that next week, not only will Freddie Prinze Jr. act as Raw's celebrity guest host, Cena & Orton must combine forces to face Show & Jericho. As if to demonstrate their uneasy alliance, Cena & Orton immediately joined together to collar The World's Largest Athlete and send him over the ropes. The cooperation was quickly followed by looks of apprehension on the faces of both Superstars. Will these two really be able to bury their animosity and work as a team on the next edition of Raw?

The Legacy def. Mark Henry & Hornswoggle (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Chavo Guerrero didn't seem like he wanted to press his luck. In the wake of his pathetic losing streak to Hornswoggle, the self-proclaimed "Mexican Warrior" decided to forgo a tag team match against ‘Swoggle & Mark Henry. Instead, Guerrero chose to substitute The Legacy. While it was nothing to be proud of, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase did manage to secure the win thanks to a pin on the little leprechaun. Feeling confident, the second-generation Superstars then addressed DX, saying they were definitely ready to face down the legendary twosome.

Triple H tracked down Shawn Michaels; DX to battle The Legacy at SummerSlam (WATCH: PART 1 |   PART 2 | PART 3)
Regeneration X? There had been no sign of Shawn Michaels ever since his loss to Undertaker at the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania in an epic match. Finally, however, Triple H managed to track down the elusive Superstar … in a corporate cafeteria? That's right. It appears HBK had decided to go underground, working as a cook, when his former DX partner pleaded with him to reform DX and compete against The Legacy at SummerSlam. To The Game's relief, and the WWE Universe's delight, Michaels agreed.

MVP def. Chris Masters (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After getting in the face of Jack Swagger earlier in the night, MVP's adrenaline must have been pumping when he faced Chris Masters one-on-one. Montel Vontavious Porter managed to capitalize on his quickness and athleticism, handing Masters a loss. Any celebration got cut short, though, when Swagger came to the ring. As MVP faced him, Masters locked in The Master Lock. That's when Swagger decided to act and pummeled a weary MVP, leaving him hurt in the middle of the canvas. 

Unified Tag Team Champion Big Show def. WWE Champion Randy Orton by count-out (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Randy Orton may be conniving, devious and underhanded, but he's no dummy. The WWE Champion had been scheduled to battle Big Show in one of the night's two main events. The Viper, however, thought better of facing off against The World's Largest Athlete and risk injury with less than two weeks until one of the most important matches of his career against John Cena at SummerSlam. Instead, after suffering a beating at the meaty paws of Show, Orton, in a calculated move, exited the ring and walked off, allowing the angered giant the victory by count-out.

"Calgary Kid" (The Miz) def. Eugene; The Miz earned reinstatement to Raw (PHOTOS | WATCH)
It looked like it was over for The Miz. Last week, the brash braggart lost to John Cena and found himself banned from Monday Night Raw for good. Well, heee's baaaccckkk! The scheming Superstar, calling himself "Calgary Kid," donned a mask and fought Eugene in a WWE Contract-on-a-Pole Match for the right to become the newest official member of Monday Night Raw. After prevailing, Miz ripped off his mask to reveal his true identity.

Jack Swagger def. Evan Bourne (PHOTOS | WATCH)
In the tug-of-war that has ensued over the past two weeks between Jack Swagger and Evan Bourne, "The All-American American" pulled his adversary over the line. After splitting one victory apiece, Swagger came up big to win the tie-breaker. Before he could revel in his arrogance, however, MVP challenged Swagger to a fight. "The All-American American" deferred, saying that maybe he would battle The Ballin' Superstar next week. MVP pushed him on his derriere before Swagger slid from the ring.

Gail Kim def. Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix and Alicia Fox in Divas Four Way Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Call it home country advantage. When Canadian Gail Kim faced off against Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix and Alicia Fox in a Diva Four Way Match, with the winner earning the right to face Divas Champion Mickie James in a title match, the odds were not in her favor. However, anyone who has witnessed the Korean beauty in the ring knows that she has never let the odds mean her end. After overcoming the size and strength advantage of her opponents, Kim emerged victorious and now sets her sights on Mickie and the Divas Title.

Raw special guest host Sgt. Slaughter arranged two main event matches: Big Show vs. Randy Orton and Chris Jericho vs. John Cena (PHOTOS)
WWE Champion Randy Orton tried on his professor's cap when Monday Night Raw touched down in the Great White North. Orton confronted his SummerSlam opponent, John Cena, with a little history lesson. Namely, The Viper reminded Cena how he had defeated him in a Triple Threat Match at WrestleMania XXV and, more recently, at Night of Champions.

For his part, Cena proved no teacher's pet. The former Champ exchanged pointed words with Orton until they were interrupted by the Unified Tag Team Champions, Chris Jericho & Big Show. The two bragged about how they had convinced Raw's guest host, Sgt. Slaughter, to arrange two main event matches: Big Show vs. Orton and Chris Jericho vs. John Cena.

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