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Mr. McMahon arrives, ready to strike back

Mr. McMahon arrives, ready to strike back

BUFFALO, N.Y.  --  Mr. McMahon will strike back tonight on Raw -- and he has arrived at HSBC Arena in Buffalo, N.Y.

Those Superstars or fans who believed Mr. McMahon's return to WWE would come via satellite or through an official statement were shocked when a limousine rolled up to the loading dock of the arena, and the Chairman (with all his body parts intact) nonchalantly walked out.    
Without uttering a word or offering any type of facial expression, Mr. McMahon's billion dollar strut made a B-line through the entrance of the arena directly to his office.
Earlier today, word was handed down by officials that interviews and photography by WWE.com employees were strictly prohibited prior to Mr. McMahon's appearance on tonight's Raw.  Many Superstars and employees were too anxiety-ridden to discuss what might take place in Mr. McMahon's first appearance since that fateful night last June in Wilkes Barre, Pa. when his limousine exploded. Most Superstars spent the day in the locker room area or scattered throughout the stands in the arena hoping to steer clear of any accident run-ins they may encounter with the Chairman.
Tune in to Raw, live on USA Network at 9/8 CT to see Mr. McMahon strike back.

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