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Familiar brand of hell welcomed back

Familiar brand of hell welcomed back

BUFFALO, N.Y -- The swagger -- the flapping elbows, the power walk -- through the curtain was unmistakable. The familiar lyrics of his entrance theme, "No chance, no chance … in HELL!" were undeniable. Our fans in the HSBC Arena in Buffalo, N.Y., craned their necks -- some actually bowed in reverence -- as Mr. McMahon seemingly rose from the fiery ashes and cheated death itself. Only the Chairman admitted that he staged his own death and declared he wanted to take advantage of his right to freedom of expression.

And express his freedom Mr. McMahon did. After months of staying out of the spotlight and leaving fans wondering what became of him after his presumed fiery demise in a limo explosion on June 11, the Chairman immediately stirred the pot on Raw. He announced, to Acting Raw GM Jonathan Coachman's chagrin, an impromptu Battle Royal to determine a new Raw GM -- which the crafty former WWE Commissioner William Regal won. (WATCH)

That's what Mr. McMahon has always done in his long career and as chairman of WWE -- make his presence known. Shake things up. That's what's made him a billionaire and the most influential man in the history of sports-entertainment. And that -- along with his fearlessness -- has made Mr. McMahon a competitor with, as he has said, "testicles the size of grapefruits." He has never backed down from any fight. Who else can say they have taken on adversaries such as Ted Turner, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, Bobby Lashley and even the federal government -- and lived to brag about it.

Perhaps that fearlessness made some of our fans on Raw cheer the Chairman out of respect Monday night. One thing is for sure: That fearlessness made McMahon stage his fiery death to find out if "people really cared." And he believes he is truly beloved.

"Believe it or not, I'm a sensitive guy," McMahon told the Raw Superstars and our fans, many of whom were chanting, "What?" "It's nice to be beloved by all of you, by everyone in that ring and all around the world. … You could consider me a soothsayer of sorts."

The Chairman has never been really humble. But somehow McMahon seemed somewhat … different in his return. When his offices declared that he was coming to Raw to "strike back," it sent waves of fear throughout WWE. He revealed that his family did not grieve him the way he would have liked when he was believed dead. His daughter Stephanie almost immediately tried to get her cut of the family fortune; his son Shane was MIA at the "Mr. McMahon Appreciation Night" where his limo exploded. And his wife Linda, the Chairman said, sought "comfort" in the arms of a trusted employee, Basil DeVito.

Many would have expected Mr. McMahon to disown his entire family. But the man who has often said that the world revolves around him, confided in new Raw GM Regal that he wanted the goodness to come through in him, and that he was confident he could "stay the course." McMahon said he wanted to bring his family together, and that nothing would stop him from accomplishing his goal.

Skeptics familiar with the Chairman's notorious past and penchant for megalomania may wonder whether he was sincere. And our fans may wonder whether the McMahon family has any chance in hell of truly being brought together, especially with the revelation that the Chairman has been served with a paternity suit. (WATCH)

Given the exasperated sigh Mr. McMahon let out upon hearing the news, he may believe he has truly gone to hell. But let's face it -- WWE wouldn't be the same without the McMahon brand of hellfire and brimstone. Our fans wouldn't have it any other way. Read the full story ...

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