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Finalists say who should go next

On Monday night's RAW, the remaining 2006 $250,000 Diva Search contestants each revealed which Diva hopeful she wants eliminated next and why. Looks like viewers agree with Erica Chevillar and J.T. Tinney, as Rebecca DiPietro is the latest Diva out of the running for the $250,000 prize.

"America, if I was voting, I would probably vote off Rebecca just because this year she already got a contract with another company, and I don't think that she would be able to give 100-percent effort to WWE if she's already signed with another company," Erica said.

J.T. agreed, but for other reasons. "She's too concerned about her look. She's too much of a beauty queen. I don't think she could handle getting hurt or getting rough in the ring," said the winner of last Friday's Diva Search musical chairs competition on SmackDown.

As for Jen England, she'd pick J.T. "A real Diva doesn't copy anybody at all, has her own original ideas, and I am often imitated, never duplicated," Jen said.

Layla El admitted it's a tough choice, but said Milena Roucka should be the next to go, "because she can talk the talk, but when it really comes down to it, she can't really walk the walk."

Milena called Erica amazing, beautiful and smart, but said, "For this type of competition, and for this position, I just don't think she's athletic enough."

Don't forget to vote for your favorite Diva online or via text messaging. Tune in to SmackDown Friday at 8/7 CT on UPN to see the remaining five Divas in their next competition.

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