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A matter of respect

A matter of respect

LAFAYETTE, La. --  The Great American Bash is the event Dusty Rhodes made famous, and the Texas Bull Rope Match is "The American Dream's" signature match. On July 22, Dusty will get one more go ‘round when he hooks up with Randy Orton in a Texas Bull Rope Match at this year's Bash.

For the 2007 Hall of Famer, the match is about teaching Orton a thing or two about respect. Orton certainly showed him none when he slapped "The American Dream" last week, so Rhodes had the third-generation Superstar meet him in the ring in Lafayette.

When he did, Rhodes decided to give him a little taste of discipline and instill some respect for his elders into the third-generation Superstar.

"Did you think for one minute…I would let you get away with being a disrespectful, snotty-nosed punk?" Rhodes yelled at Orton. "Are you just going to stand there and look stupid now?"

Orton, however, wanted none of Rhodes' lecture.

"Enough of this Legends speech, Dusty, I've heard it a hundred times," he cockily retorted. "I grew up in a family of Legends. I'm a third-generation Superstar, and people like you that live off the past don't deserve respect. I get respect for what I've accomplished. I'm the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history, and I single-handedly ended the careers of Shawn Michaels and RVD…"

By this point, Rhodes had heard enough, interrupting Orton.

"That's just what I'm talking about. You're disrespectful to anybody and everybody," he replied. "Having a great match isn't always what it's about. When you kick people in the head when they're down, you get no respect."

With that, Orton made a gregarious challenge.

"Put your money where your mouth is Dusty: you and me at The Great American Bash."

Dusty hesitated at first, reminding Orton that he's in no shape to face a man more than half his age. However, all it took was one more piece of prodding.

"If not for yourself do it for your son Cody," Orton sarcastically begged. "You want to make your boy proud, don't you? Or should I end Cody's career before it even starts?"

That was all the Hall of Famer needed to hear.

"WHOA! I will meet you at The Great American Bash, but it will be on my terms," Rhodes replied, "and my terms are a Texas Bull Rope Match!"

Orton accepted, telling Rhodes to "tell your boy to bring a broom to clean up whatever is left of you."

As the two then stared down, Cody Rhodes made his way to the ring. Orton told him to leave the ring before he got hurt, but when Cody didn't budge, the third-generation Superstar got in his face. Moments later, Cody retaliated for Orton's slap to his father last week by planting one of his own on the Legend Killer's jaw, leaving Orton to stand in disbelief as the Rhodes family glared disapprovingly at him.

At The Great American Bash, the clash between Hall of Famer and third-generation Superstar is more than business; it's now personal. Will the "American Dream" live on in San Jose, Calif., or will it be just another dream that gets shattered by Randy Orton?

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