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J.R.'s Superstar of the Week - D-Generation X

It’s time again for yours truly to award another coveted, much anticipated, winner take all, the-winner-deserves-a-parade-and-a-street-named-after-him RAW Superstar of the Week!

After consulting with the crack staff, and Lord knows we saw plenty of “cracks” this week on RAW, I was instructed I could not present this honor for distinguished achievement to an inanimate object. If I could, you could bet your last bottle of BBQ Sauce that green slime, small pieces of fabric impersonating bras and panties, leopard print thongs, and perhaps even black “pleather” overcoats would definitely be in the hunt.  But, alas, that isn’t the case so this award will go to a living, breathing human being; a RAW Superstar of my sole discretion on a weekly basis until I P.O. the wrong people and my ramblings take another sabbatical. 

Whew….. I’m happy we got that cleared up.  

Seriously, I was damned impressed with the toughness displayed by John Cena. ECW’s Sabu (whose surprise attack really wasn’t that big a surprise when you stop and think about it and how cult leader Heyman operates) is a risk-taking machine with no regard for his own scared carcass and even less for his opposition. Sabu’s leap from the top rope and driving John Cena through our announce table mere feet from where the King and I were standing was an amazing piece of business. What was equally as amazing was Cena getting to his feet on his own power and actually walking, o.k. staggering a little,  back to the locker room instead of being assisted by EMTs. Cena is legitimately tougher than a $3 steak, but most college football O-linemen, especially centers, are. When one toils in the pits banging heads with large defensive tackles, it makes an individual tough or you become an observer and not a player. John Cena is a player. Cena is such a good “player” that he could probably be in the hunt to win this award virtually every week. But not this week. 

This week’s winner as a result of an amazing television rating is DX. RAW outdistanced the seventh game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs which means that WWE sort of kicked the NHL’s ass Monday night. The last segment of the broadcast saw almost 4.7 million homes tuned into Monday Night RAW which is stronger than an acre of garlic. The anticipation, and we wrestling fans love to anticipate things, for the official DX Reunion popped a number as is said in the TV biz. Almost 700,000 NEW households tuned into to RAW the last quarter hour in anticipation of the DX reunion. That’s truly amazing growth and living proof that the TV viewer was laying in wait for the return of the controversial duo of Triple H and HBK. This situation had been building in various forms for several weeks which proves the old wrestling adage if you build it long enough “they” (the fans) will come. Old school still has a pulse.

Oh, and by the way, Vengeance this Sunday is in the home of the old Mid Atlantic Wrestling and could very well be a sleeper when it comes to pay-per-views this year. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Let’s see if the Superstars can backup my prediction/boast this Sunday night in Charlotte.



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