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Kenny says Triple H is scared

For weeks, the Spirit Squad has been carrying out Mr. McMahon’s wishes to make Shawn Michaels’ life a living hell. In fact, last week they brutalized HBK so badly that he suffered a serious knee injury. But that’s not all that happened last week.

When Kenny grabbed Triple H’s sledgehammer out of his hands last week, The Game went crazy and dismantled the entire Squad. Tonight, Kenny will look for some revenge when he goes one on one against the King of Kings.

“Last week Mr. McMahon ordered him to get the job done with Shawn Michaels. But if no one is going to do the job right, then you have to do the job yourself,” said Kenny, explaining why he grabbed the sledgehammer last week. “He went out there and must have gotten gun shy. I think he was just scared to be in the ring with me. He was totally wrong to react the way he did. If he steps out of line, I’ll have to put him in his place.”

What Kenny may lack in experience, he makes up for with confidence. In fact, some may think that his confidence has grown into cockiness.

“If you’re in the ring with me and the Spirit Squad, that’s a big deal,” said Kenny. “Shawn (Michaels) got in there with us, he wasn’t on his game plan, and you saw what happened to him. If Triple H steps out of line, the same thing will happen to him tonight.”

When Triple H heard Kenny's comments, he was temporarily amused. "Yeah, I'm scared of the Spirit Squad, but it's more of a 'drop the soap in prison' kind of scared."

The Game's amusement didn't last long. In his response, Triple H issued a warning to Kenny, and any members of the Spirit Squad that may choose to get involved in tonight's match. "You guys might think I'm scared, but tonight Kenny, you're going to step in that ring, and standing directly across from you will be the King of Kings. At that moment, you will realize who's really scared." 

Will Kenny be able to back up his strong words tonight, when he faces Triple H? Or will The Game turn back the Squad for the second week in a row? Tune in to RAW at 9/8 CT on the USA Network to find out. 

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