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Head hunter

Head hunter

TORONTO -- Randy Orton walked confidently with a sneer on his face as he left the arena Monday night. Onlookers could see the deadly gleam in the third-generation Superstar's eyes. 

He just killed another legend. This time, it was Rob Van Dam.

Orton felt déjà vu in his match against Van Dam, who Orton incapacitated with several vicious blows to the head -- very reminiscent of the way the Legend Killer knocked out Shawn Michaels at Judgment Day.

"I saw him almost the same way I saw Shawn Michaels, holding his head, down on his knees, just waiting for me to punt him in the face as hard as I can," Orton recalled. "And that's what I did."

After the bell, Orton finished off RVD with a devastating RKO that might have left the high-flying Superstar grounded for good.

"It was history repeating itself," Orton explained. "I saw the chance to kill the legend of ECW. I put an exclamation point on it with an [expletive deleted] RKO. And I'm going to ECW on Sci Fi [tonight] to finish the job."

Orton did not feel any regret for his actions.

"This is a competition. ... Who's the biggest, the baddest, the strongest and the quickest," he explained. "RVD is known for his quick feet and his agility, but the things he said about me on WWE.com about me disrespecting the business … it was disrespectful to me."

Those remarks from Van Dam that criticized Orton for his treatment of HBK took a personal disagreement between the two to a new level -- a much more public level.

"I lost all respect for Rob when he talked trash about me on WWE.com," Orton said. "He should have talked to my face, and told me to my face about how he felt."

Orton and RVD have a past history. Orton beat Van Dam for the Intercontinental Championship at WWE Armageddon in 2003. And they've crossed paths from time to time since. 

"I know Rob, and Rob knows me," Orton explained. "I'm going to do whatever I can to put another notch in my belt. I've beaten Rob in the past, but it's not the past, it's not the future, it's the present."

"Randy Orton is the future. I'm going to do what I have to do in the present to get to the future and be the best this business has ever seen. Right now, [RVD] needs to go down."

But thanks to Orton's post-match attack, Van Dam might be already down for the count. 

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