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Let Him Eat Cake!

Let Him Eat Cake!

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- If Santino Marella proved one thing on Monday Night Raw, it's that he's no Jay Leno. The Italian Stallion played talk show host on Piper's Pit, where he managed to insult, threaten and, ultimately, challenge his guest — "Cousin Sal" — to a match.

The origins of the ugly episode actually began three days earlier on an episode of ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live (WATCH). As Kimmel's Cousin Sal celebrated his birthday at Hooters, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, his favorite Superstar growing up, delivered a cake to him. That's when an uninvited Santino dropped by and immediately began to wreak his unique brand of havoc, resulting in a tussle with Cousin Sal and face full of birthday cake.

Cut to three days later on Raw, and Santino appears out for revenge. After dressing up as Piper and mocking the Hall of Famer ("Look at me, everyone, I'm Rodney the Piper!"), Santino called out his guest, Cousin Sal, and insisted that he cough up an apology.

Santino, however, would have to wait. Cousin Sal refused to oblige him and instead derided the braggadocios host. The Italian Stallion then unveiled an "I'm Sorry" cake and threatened to smash Cousin Sal with it if an apology wasn't forthcoming.

Unfortunately for Santino, Cousin Sal had an ally in wait. Piper slipped into the ring to confront the Italian Stallion. As tensions rose, Cousin Sal flipped up the cake, which then ended up squarely on Santino's face. "Hot Rod" then proceeded to roll the cake-covered carcass out of the ring.

An irate Santino then challenged Cousin Sal to a match, at which point the WWE Hall of Famer quickly chimed in.

"You got it!" Piper shouted as he and Cousin Sal celebrated in the ring.

While it's unclear exactly when Santino and Cousin Sal will face off, one thing remains certain, a victory for either of these spicy Italians doesn't promise to be a piece of cake.

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