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Chicago Cubs spring into Raw

Chicago Cubs spring into Raw

The grueling 162-game Major League Baseball season doesn't always allow Bob Howry or Scott Eyre -- two relief pitchers for the Chicago Cubs -- to watch every WWE show on the night that it airs. Instead, they have to look to the bullpen for help.

"If I can't watch WWE live, I TiVo it," said Howry.

But with the Cubs' spring training facility nearby in Mesa, Ariz., Howry and Eyre were able to stop by the US Airways Center for Monday Night's Raw. Howry, a Phoenix native who attended high school and junior college in the area, is the more seasoned of the two in terms of the WWE live event experience.

"This is probably the fourth live event I've been to," Howry said. "I love WWE."  

Eyre, however, said that after years of being an avid viewer, he had to see a show in person.

"This is my first live event," he admitted. "I've watched pay-per-view events, and I watch every Monday, Tuesday and Friday when I'm able to, so this is really exciting for me."

Howry and Eyre weren't the only athletes at Raw, as Phoenix Suns forward Boris Diaw also stopped by to say hello to Cryme Tyme moments before the show went live on the USA Network.

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