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Rebirth in the Chamber

Rebirth in the Chamber

Though Triple H and Undertaker won their Elimination Chamber Matches and World Championship opportunities at WrestleMania, they may not have been the biggest winners at No Way Out. That distinction may belong to Umaga.

Our fans were still buzzing about the Samoan Bulldozer's performance as they filed out of the Thomas & Mack Center. Though it was his first visit inside "Satan's Structure," Umaga seemed at home in the Chamber. Thousands let out a collective "Ohhhh!!!" at one point when Umaga had both Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels on his shoulders and crushed them with a humongous double Samoan Drop.

The Chamber seemed to re-ignite the primal rage in the monster from Samoa. At times, the other five competitors in the match -- who are among WWE's elite -- appeared helpless against the 348-pounder and his immense power. It took four Superstars and their devastating moves -- HBK's Sweet Chin Music, Y2J's Codebreaker, Triple H's Pedigree and Jeff Hardy's Swanton Bomb from nearly the top of the Chamber -- to eliminate Umaga.

Though he came up short in his quest to earn an opportunity at the WWE Title at WrestleMania XXIV, he re-established himself as a dominant force in WWE.

"Holy s@%t! I'd never seen anything like that," said one fan, Chad, in reference to Umaga's double Samoan Drop. "I knew Umaga was strong but damn! HBK may be The Showstopper but Umaga stole the show tonight!"

So, what's next for Umaga? Before No Way Out, he showed the world that he had no allegiances to anyone but himself when he opted not to provide JBL protection -- despite the "wrestling god's" cash.

Some observers have perceived Umaga as a simple, primitive monster, but he is nobody's fool. This monster has held the Intercontinental Championship before and has shown he appreciates gold. Umaga's dominance in the Elimination Chamber showed how much he wants the WWE Championship. "Satan's Structure" has shortened many careers, but it may have marked the rebirth of the Samoan Bulldozer.

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