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"R" is for Revenge

Edge warned special guest referee Mick Foley that he better not screw him out of the WWE Championship. By the end of the night, though, Edge lost to WWE Champion John Cena and made Foley pay.

Two weeks ago, Edge received a return match for John Cena's WWE Championship. Lita ended up blasting him in the head with the WWE Championship, causing the Rated R Superstar to win by disqualification. Because of the win, Edge was granted yet another return match. After winning the right to choose the special guest referee, The Champ, chose the Hardcore Legend -- Mick Foley.

Foley promised Edge that he would call the match right down the middle, but Edge wasn't convinced. Nonetheless, the former WWE Champion had to concentrate on winning back his most prized possession.

During the match, Lita tried to give her man the advantage. With Foley's back turned, she tried to remove the covering from one of the turnbuckles. Foley turned around just in time to catch her, though, and sent her to the back. Lita vehemently protested, but she eventually left ringside.

Despite not having his girl at ringside, Edge was able to get the advantage and went for a pin. Foley was out of position, however, and Edge only got a two count. The Rated R Superstar was furious, but was able to go for another cover. He put his legs on the top rope for added leverage, but Foley caught him and broke up the pin attempt. Edge became enraged with Foley and shoved the hardcore referee. Foley kept his cool, and didn't disqualify him, but he shoved him back.

Meanwhile, Cena got a second wind and went for an FU. Edge countered into a DDT. He tried to follow it up with a spear, but The Champ moved out of the way, and Edge took down Foley instead. With Foley down, Lita came back to ringside and gave Edge the WWE Championship. The Rated R Superstar leveled Cena with the belt and went for the cover. Foley was still down from the spear and was slow to make the count. This added time allowed Cena to kick out, sending Edge into another fit of rage.

Edge regrouped and went to the top rope and for a flying bodypress. Cena caught the soaring Edge in mid-air, and in an amazing display of power, hoisted him up on his shoulders for one of the most impressive FUs the leader of the Chain Gang has ever delivered. After that, the pin was academic, and John Cena retained his WWE Championship.

Following the match, Edge confronted Foley about his officiating. Lita snuck up behind the special guest referee and delivered a harsh low blow. Out for revenge, Edge followed that up with a spear for good measure and stood over the fallen Hardcore Legend.

RAW also featured the semifinals of the Road to WrestleMania Tournament. In one of the semifinal matchups, Big Show took on his nemesis Triple H. The two went back and forth, leaving everything they had in the ring, realizing how much was at stake. Triple H hit the Pedigree and Big Show hit the chokeslam, but neither Superstar could score a pinfall. The intensity in this match was unparalleled, and before long, the action spilled to the outside. The Game and Big Show lost track of the referees count, and continued to pound on each other's bodies resulting in a double count-out. Big Show took out his frustrations on the King of Kings by tackling him through the ringside barrier on the outside, leaving the crowd in amazement. Only the largest athlete in the world could accomplish such a feat. It looked as though both Superstars would be eliminated from the tournament, but Mr. McMahon rewarded their aggression by moving both of them to finals.

In the other semifinal match, Rob Van Dam faced "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters. Masters was on a quest to become the youngest WWE Champion in history, but RVD wanted to shatter those dreams and go on to main event WrestleMania. Masters tried to use his power to overcome Mr. Monday Night, but RVD used his educated feet to set up The Masterpiece for the Five Star Frogsplash and the win. Rob Van Dam advanced to the finals and will face Triple H and Big Show in a Triple Threat Match to see who will go on to challenge for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 22.

Plus, Shelton's momma was feeling a little better this week. Last week she collapsed during Shelton's match against Big Show and was rushed to the hospital. She informed Mr. McMahon that she has a heart condition and doesn't know how much longer she has to live. Before she meets her maker, though, she told Mr. McMahon that she wants to see her son reclaim Intercontinental Championship glory. The WWE Chairman said that if Shelton could defeat Eugene, then he would become the No. 1 contender for Ric Flair's Intercontinental Championship. Eugene offered Shelton's momma some Valentine's Day chocolates before the match, but Shelton was not impressed. Benjamin made short work of Eugene and quickly became the new No. 1 contender to set up a match against Ric Flair.

Also, Trish Stratus' date from last week, Jack, was on RAW again and went to surprise the Women's Champion in her locker room with flowers. When he stepped inside, though, Mickie James was there wearing a blond wig, trying to look like Trish. Mickie came on to Jack and even untied her shirt. But then, all of a sudden, Mickie began screaming. Jack put his arms on her shoulders trying to calm her down, but she just screamed even louder. A security guard rushed in and saw the scene, which to the untrained eye, looked like Jack was attacking Mickie. Security escorted Jack out of the building, and moments later Trish arrived. Mickie told Trish that Jack attacked her, and the security guard backed up her story. Trish consoled Mickie with a warm embrace. Mickie had duped her idol.

Ashley was also in action on RAW, taking on Torrie Wilson. Ashley was able to score a roll up from out of nowhere for the win. Torrie was dejected, but Candice said it didn't matter because on March 10, she would be gracing the cover of Playboy. Torrie was not impressed with Candice's happiness following a loss.

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