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Clear and present chamber

Clear and present chamber

DES MOINES, Iowa - The rowdy guests on The Jerry Springer Show are known for catching the objects of their scorn off guard and landing a painful blow or two. As evidenced by several WWE Superstars, however, those dirty tactics aren't confined solely to the stage of Raw's latest special guest host, Jerry Springer.

John Cena vs. Triple H ended in a No Contest (PHOTOS | WATCH)
The WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match this Sunday promises to be a doozey. As if the animosity swirling around Satan's Structure isn't going to be deafening enough, WWE Champion Sheamus keeps amping up the volume.

In the final singles match of the night pitting Elimination Chamber competitors against one another, John Cena faced off against Triple H. Before the two locomotives could settle things, however, they were derailed when The Celtic Warrior burst into the ring and nailed The Game with a pump kick. As the Irishman set up to stomp Cena likewise, his target shifted and battled back. All for naught, though, as the WWE Champion regained his bearings and also dropped Cena with a pump kick. For good measure, The Celtic Warrior then slammed Triple H again, this time with a crucifix bomb, before standing tall in the ring heading into this Sunday's WWE Elimination Chamber.

Raw special guest hosts next week will be singer Jewel and pro rodeo cowboy Ty Murray
Hold onto your hats, WWE Universe. Next Monday night, award-winning singer Jewel and her husband, pro rodeo cowboy Ty Murray, mosey on into Raw to take over as special guest co-hosts.

Batista warned John Cena of The Animal's return to Raw next week (WATCH)
The tension between powerhouses Batista and John Cena hung heavy inside the Wells Fargo Arena. It was only two weeks earlier that The Animal had attacked Cena and slammed him onto a set of steel steps. After Cena challenged his attacker to a fight last Monday, Batista finally responded this week -- via TitanTron. After Cena accused The Animal of siding with Mr. McMahon over WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart, Batista assured Cena that he would get his comeuppance. In fact, The Animal promised that he will be at Raw next Monday to confront the man who called him "pathetic."

2010 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee announcement: Antonio Inoki (WATCH)
The latest Superstar to join the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2010 will be Antonio Inoki, the legendary Japanese wrestler. Inoki was famous for his athleticism and strength in his homeland, where he founded New Japan Pro Wrestling in 1972. Among his more notable opponents, Inoki battled Ric Flair as well as boxer Muhammad Ali.

Ted DiBiase def. Kofi Kingston (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Ted DiBiase continues to prove he's one tough cuss. Despite suffering a kick to the face from WWE Champion Sheamus earlier in the night, an exhausted DiBiase managed to power through the pain to just barely overcome Kofi Kingston in the second singles match of the night pitting competitors from this Sunday's WWE Title Elimination Chamber Match.

Special guest host Jerry Springer hosted "WWE's Most Intimate Relationships Revealed" (PHOTOS | WATCH: PART 1 | PART 2)
As any loyal member of the WWE Universe can tell you, Superstars and Divas don't exactly live a quiet life. Even so, when special guest host Jerry Springer served as master of ceremonies in a segment he dubbed "WWE's Most Intimate Relationships Revealed," the scenario proved so lurid -- and confusing -- it was enough to make even Jerry blush.

It all started when Kelly Kelly admitted to The King of Controversy that she was pregnant. In the process of determining who the father might be, Santino Marella, Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, Chris Masters, The Great Khali and even Hornswoggle stepped forth to take credit. As if that weren't enough, The Bella Twins confessed that Brie is really a man!

When Jerry had enough, the Superstars let him off the hook, admitting that they'd concocted the whole thing. In the end, though, Mae Young stopped by to send the daytime talker off with a bang.

Mark Henry & MVP def. Unified Tag Team Champions Big Show & The Miz in a Non-Title Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Call it the first cloud to their silver lining. Last week, Big Show & The Miz had plenty to celebrate when they defeated DX -- and the Straight Edge Society -- to capture the Unified Tag Team Championships. Perhaps they did too much celebrating. After all, "Show-Miz," as they've dubbed themselves, lost this week in a non-title match to Mark Henry & MVP when The Franchise Playa pinned Miz, also the United States Champion.

Bret Hart addressed WWE Universe, injured in accident (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After weeks of betrayal and humiliation at the hands of Mr. McMahon, Bret Hart addressed the WWE Universe. The WWE Hall of Famer explained that he had hoped to make peace but to no avail. He then wanted to fight The Chairman at WrestleMania to settle their differences once and for all. Again, no dice. After several frustrations, he explained, he was leaving for good but wanted to thank the Superstars and fans who supported him.

However, as The Excellence of Execution left the arena, an unidentified woman accidentally smashed her car into Hart, pinning his legs between her car and another automobile. Hart was immediately rushed away in an ambulance. WWE.com will update the situation as conditions warrant.

WWE Champion Sheamus def. Randy Orton by Disqualification (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Randy Orton would probably rather forget the last seven days. Last Monday, he lost to one of his protégés, Cody Rhodes, after WWE Champion Sheamus distracted him. This Monday, in the first of three matches pitting competitors from Sunday's WWE Title Elimination Chamber Match, The Viper faced off against The Celtic Warrior. While the non-title bout seemed to be going well, Orton's Legacy henchmen, Rhodes & Ted DiBiase interfered. Rhodes nailed Sheamus, causing his Legacy ringleader to lose by disqualification.

As one would imagine, the aftermath was anything but pretty. A livid Viper leveled Rhodes with an RKO just before the WWE Champion hobbled DiBiase with a pump kick. One conciliation for Orton? The Viper reacted quickly and left the Irishman immobile after dropping him with an RKO.

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