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A DX new year

A DX new year

According to  rumors swirling around the American Airlines Arena, D-Generation X is hoping to usher in the new year with revenge on Rated-RKO for the attack that took place on Raw two weeks ago.

All day, from Superstars to WWE fans who are lined up outside the arena waiting for the doors to open, one of the biggest topics of discussion was how and if DX would respond to the assault that left Shawn Michaels and Triple H beaten and motionless. The double RKO onto a steel chair for Michaels and a steel chair to the skull of The Game left DX's New Year's Revolution match with Rated-RKO in jeopardy -- and possibly their careers.

Are the rumors true? Are DX out for revenge on Rated-RKO? To find out, watch Raw at 9/8 CT live from Miami.

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