A lifetime in the ring with William Regal

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November 13, 2013

On figuring it all out at an early age...

“When I was a kid, up until I was 10 years old, I didn’t know what a good wrestler was. I knew what I thought was a good wrestler and they were the entertaining ones who pulled faces and made me scream and shout. When I got to 10, I started watching some incredibly skilled wrestlers, but it wasn’t until I got to be about 15 when I started working in this business that I found out who was really good and who wasn’t. It still didn’t change my views. I’ve always understood that this isn’t about who’s the greatest wrestler.

“You know, we joke about who is the greatest, but it’s got nothing to do with that. It’s got to do with who the people want to come and see. They’re the greatest. They’re the ones who matter. The people like me who can do anything technically good, that’s not of any use if the people don’t want to pay to come and see you get in the ring. I’m just part of the show. The fans will let you know when you’re doing the right thing.”

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