A lifetime in the ring with William Regal

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November 13, 2013

On picking your profession and not letting it pick you ...

“I started wrestling when I was 15. In England at that time, if you were a working-class person, you left high school when you were 16, and anything else was further education. If you were a working-class kid, in those days, it was leave school, and go into an apprenticeship of a trade, or work in a factory or whatever industry the area you lived specialized in. I found they were all bricklayers [in my area].

“I knew from my earliest memories that I wanted to be a wrestler, and I certainly was never going to be a bricklayer. I just knew I was made for different things. I felt that way from the beginning. Even as a child I knew I was going to be an entertainer. I always wanted to be a wrestler or a comedian or a clown, and I sort of got involved in all three, which is why I enjoy doing this. There wasn’t even a question if I’d do something else.”

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