Raw GIF of the Night: Aug. 25, 2014

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August 26, 2014

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If you want to make even the most innocent kiss all kinds of creepy, be sure you maintain deep, meaningful eye contact with the recipient the entire time. That seemed to be AJ Lee’s strategy when she continued to play mind games with Divas Champion Paige during the Aug. 25 edition of Raw.

Watch Paige battle Natalya | Photos of the kiss

After Paige defeated Natalya, AJ came down the ramp and skipped around the ring, leaving The Diva of Tomorrow vulnerable to a big clothesline from the Hart Dungeon graduate. AJ helped her little “English Muffin” off the canvas and, after sharing some kind words with her “frenemy,” gave Paige what appeared to be the most awkward hug of all time. Then, AJ gave Paige a gentle parting kiss on the hand that could have only been a show of affection — or was it something else? It’s hard to tell with these two.

Pucker up and relive this unusual smooch again and again with the Raw GIF of the Night! 

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