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Unbelievable GIF! Cesaro Swings John Cena

If John Cena is still having trouble finding his balance, it's because Cesaro nearly swung him out of his high tops on Raw with a disorienting Cesaro Swing. Check out an unbelievable GIF of the incident — if you have the stomach for it.

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Raw results: Chamber participants collide and The Shield baits The Wyatts

The six Elimination Chamber Match contestants battled in singles action and Roman Reigns laid a brazen challenge at the feet of The Wyatt Family. Was The Hounds of Justice's challenge answered? Find out with WWE.com's full Raw results!

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Raw Five-Point Preview: February 17, 2014

Saint Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland; can Sheamus do the same to Randy Orton as The Viper's final foe in his Elimination Chamber Match gauntlet? WWE.com previews the Champion of Champions' must-win match and four other scenarios for Raw.

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Super Brawl Champ It's good to be "King" Motor City madmen Prophet motive Tennessee titan Steel resolve "N"-listing Punk The bite before Christmas Saluting the Slammys Ready, willing ... table All hail, no! Raw-some! Old school, new tricks Manchester united? Necessary "ref"-ness Seeing stars and stripes Blue Monday Captain, no, my captain! Like a brat out of Hell All signs "punt" to Hell CU in Hell! Bring on the Night! Capital punishment Grinnin' Barrett Six and the City Young & the restless The boys of SummerSlam White, hot summer Coalition unwilling Nexus or against us? Steeling for a fight Truce and consequences Snakes and ladders Seven deadly sinners Pains, growing As you like it Shooting Star-Spangled Raw Holy Toledo! Without limits Angered management Rated RK-Owned Mix & matches MacGruber kicks ash! Hoff the chain! Grade "A" betrayal Farewell, Shawn... Road warriors "Vince screwed Vince" Sleight of hands A long, strange trip to WrestleMania Taking the bull by the horns Clear and present chamber Raw's pit stomp Process of Elimination "Psych"-ed for the Rumble Royal rebellion Tyson's rope-a-dope Hit Man, baby, one more time Timbaland shocks the house DX-mas comes early Dennis, anyone? Texas two-stomp "Mini Me," mega show Theory of revolution Stark raving plaid Hats off to Hatton Osbournes to be wild The fast & the spurious Color wars Viper tension Big Ben clocks in Hell bound Entertainer tonight Skinning the snake The Price is Raw American nightmare Three of a kind? Crazy days of summer North of disorder Lumber liquidator Shaq clocks in Shake, rattle & roll Lean, Green hosting machine Cash is king The Animal's kingdom Triathlon of terror Trumping the competition Game changer Crime against nature WWE's "Lakers": Straight Up Ballin'! Flair game for The Animal Killer instinct Break a leg Judgment is coming God save The King (of Kings) Rough Draft Bringing in the big guns Dig your own hole Kiss of death Texas Hold 'Em In your house Breaking the news "Legacy" gets hammered Game changer Coast busted! Missouri loves company The son also rises Disastrous return Sioux City Showstopper Big Night in the Big Easy And they're off... Merry Trish-mas to all! Exclamation punt! Slam, bam, thank you ma'am! Thick as thieves Many happy returns Survivors serious Union jacked Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes Just desserts Running the Gauntlet Lights, camera, plenty of action! Still No. 1 DX-plosive reunion Three the hard way Snakes and ladders Dangerous liaisons Forgive, don't forget Championship Scramble scrambled Hometown Heartbreak Bracing for a SummerSlam Championship scramble That's "Mr. Adamle" to you! Civil unrest Anarchy in the NC Rough Night in the Big Easy Heavyweight Championship comes home A Draft disaster Plight of Champions Cash and Burn The Challenger is Here One last stand One night stood up No time wasted Punk'd by the General Manager Hear ye, hear ye Party Crasher Royal reception For honor or ego? Y2J gets past Punk for payback Bank on it: MVP & Carlito cash in Irish Whipped Intercontinental Shift Big Showdown The Truth about Hornswoggle, According to JBL Outrage in a Cage Twice Bitten Way Out Warrior Chamber Made Triple Play Stay of execution High-stakes Game Promise Kept Pair of Aces Rhodes and Holly golden on Raw's 15th Anniversary Leprechaun-job He Slices, He Dices... Role Reversal Laying down the Lawler Hollywood Showdown Halloween Horror Bulldog's boy bites Carlito in Raw debut United Kingdom Come Acting the fool No Mercy for Phoenix Raw gets Hardcore with Holly's return Glamazon on the warpath Khali's chaos spills over onto Raw Bulldozer-Slayer Umaga: All the rage Royally wrong: King Booker mocks Triple H with imposter Rhodes keeps on rolling Checkmate: Booker beats Lawler in battle of kings Mind games before SummerSlam One bad apple leads to Dominator destruction 07162007 Bulldozed in the Bayou A matter of time Monday Night Raw One wild night Crazy like a fox? The last stand before One Night Stand Gauntlets galore Gaining momentum Gold digging Khali's claim A sign of things to come? Italian Intercontinental surprise Redemption HBK dumps Cena The circle is complete Reversals and razors Billion dollar burn A stunning revelation Billionaire's brawlers Chairman's Choice Battling Billionaires Tickets punched for WrestleMania Has he made his decision? The show WILL go on Dx lives Umaga spikes back The Champ is ready Tribute to the Troops Rated "R" for revenge Cena stands tall Divide and conquer R-K-Anarchy Breaking Down in Baltimore Rated-RKO Champions Payback is a Dick The Champ is ready On the same page? Let the voting begin Cyber Sunday Blockbuster Checkmate SmackDown beatdown Winning the war Garden of hell R-K-Ohhhhh DX death sentence? Broken down? Cena goes off Divide and Conquer HBK gets smoked Samoan Sabotage Last laugh Service with a slam Stolen Championship It happens DX breaks it down An extreme awakening makes Cena snap Kiss this Will Triple H join the Mr. McMahon Kiss My Ass Club? Apology Accepted? Money Shot Message sent Chaos in Columbus Brilliance before Backlash A sign of what's to come? Cena answers with an STFU The Champ bows down to the "King of Kings" McMahon's bloody plan Hell to pay Sneak Attack McMahons 2, Michaels 0 Joining the Club "Big Time" Pedigree "R" is for Revenge The Road to WrestleMania Wasted opportunity? Ready to Rumble Not Flair's Night Sex Gone Bad The Chamber awaits Advantage Kane Tribute to the Troops Elimination Chamber set McMahon to Bischoff: "You're fired!" Time to take out the trash The Blueshirts are coming! Celebrating Eddie Guerrero A Chance to Shine Tricks and treats Making their case for Taboo Tuesday Toward Taboo Tuesday You're fired A Stunning Homecoming Heading home 8-Man Mayhem ADVANTAGE ANGLE The Master Lock claims another victim Tag Team Masterpiece JERICHO FIRED; ANGLE NO. 1 CONTENDER HBK screwed Hogan Icon and Legend face to face Beginning of the end? Not Cool Cena overcomes the odds HBK challenges Hogan for SummerSlam Heartbreaker An Immortal Moment NOBODY GETS UP FROM THE PEDIGREE ANGLE TO RAW THE TIME IS NOW A BARBARIC BATISTA TAINTED VICTORY THE BETRAYAL The Rush is On A NEW CHAMPION