The 10 greatest crowd chants in WWE history

#10 Fandangoing

They say WrestleMania is The Showcase of the Immortals, but there’s no better way to tell who the WWE Universe has pegged as their heroes than the next night’s Raw. With an especially rowdy, international crowd, the atmosphere generally takes on a feel reserved for ale-besotted football stadiums in the U.K., and in 2013, the WWE Universe notched perhaps its biggest achievement yet in terms of crowd chants. During a bout between Kofi Kingston and Fandango, the crowd abandoned all pretense of typical interaction and began to sing the latter’s theme music, an infectious rumba called “ChaChaLaLa.” The sing-along would continue throughout the evening, accompanied by a “Caddyshack” gopher-esque hip shake that came to be known as “Fandangoing.”

Photos of Fandango's WrestleMania moment Fandango's theme on iTunes

The trend immediately went worldwide, shooting Fandango’s theme song to the top of the U.K. iTunes charts and spreading from N.J. Transit trains to a galaxy far, far away and even to the bowels of WWE Headquarters. It truly is the dancing sensation that swept the nation.