The shocking similarities between Mr. McMahon’s Corporation and Triple H’s Authority

Randy Orton is the new Triple H

Every kingdom needs its crown jewel, and in following The Corporation’s footsteps, The Authority went and traded a WWE Champion with one kind of pedigree (or Pedigree) for another.

The Evolution of Randy Orton | The Viper and The Game join forces

While Triple H’s legend was largely unwritten when he ascended to the WWE Title under Mr. McMahon’s watch, Orton’s was, in many ways, pre-ordained. Not only was The Viper among the COO’s handpicked Padawans during the Evolution days, but he brings a third-generation lineage that fits in perfectly with The Authority’s M.O. of selecting homegrown talent as its chosen representatives. If Orton’s brutal treatment of his benefactor’s enemies is any indication, Triple H chose as wisely as Mr. McMahon did.