The shocking similarities between Mr. McMahon’s Corporation and Triple H’s Authority

Stephanie McMahon is the new Shane McMahon

Back in the day, it was Shane McMahon who sat as his father’s consigliere. Now, The Boy Wonder’s sister Stephanie has fulfilled her destiny as “The Billion Dollar Princess,” rising to become one of WWE’s principal owners and the most feared member of her husband’s regime.

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As Triple H’s partner in crime, Stephanie has clearly inherited her father’s Machiavellian ferocity, firing Superstars who cross her without hesitation (while still playing ball with her enemies in the name of business) and not-so-subtly setting others up for merciless battering at the hands of her minions. In fact, there’s something to be said for Stephanie as the superior choice of a second-in-command rather than her brother: The Boy Wonder could be, all things considered, a relatively nice guy compared to his old man. Stephanie suffers fools less than Mr. McMahon ever did, if such a thing is even possible. Bow down to The Queen.