The shocking similarities between Mr. McMahon’s Corporation and Triple H’s Authority

Triple H is the new Mr. McMahon

The head honcho. The big cheese. The man who knows all, sees all and runs all. Ever since The Game got his suit and tie on, he has fit the mold of his father-in-law to an absolute T, right down to the bone-deep vendettas against upstart Superstars who refuse to succumb to his demands. The Chairman himself has largely left Triple H to his own devices and The Game’s free reign has paid off in terms of visibility, word-of-mouth among the WWE Universe and championship gold.

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If there’s one difference between Mr. McMahon and “Mr. H,” it’s that The Chairman largely kept his blood rivalry to a single Superstar in “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. The King of Kings has made an enemy out of anyone who looks at him the wrong way. Although Daniel Bryan and Big Show have been the main two targets of his wrath, the idea of creating adversaries has never bothered The Cerebral Assassin one iota, so it’s likely that list may expand yet.