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The shocking similarities between Mr. McMahon’s Corporation and Triple H’s Authority

The story remains the same: A WWE power figure ascends to a position of command and moves to enforce their will upon the entirety of the WWE locker room and Universe. To back their regime up, they surround themselves with a war council of suits and Superstars alike, and set their dogs (or Hounds) on anyone who opposes them. Loved by a precious few, hated by very many and feared by almost all, these power-mad dictators take total control and mold the squared circle in their own image.

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You may think we’re referring to what happened in 1999 with Mr. McMahon’s Corporation, and we are. However, it can be argued that it’s happening again now with Triple H and The Authority, and the comparisons aren’t just skin-deep. Not only has Triple H slid into The Chairman’s old role quite comfortably, but he has also duplicated McMahon’s recruiting tactics. As The Authority’s reign reaches its fever pitch, WWE.com digs into The Corporation’s ranks and finds the shockingly on-point counterparts between McMahon’s hired hands and Triple H’s foot soldiers. 

Triple H is the new Mr. McMahon

The head honcho. The big cheese. The man who knows all, sees all and runs all. Ever since The Game got his suit and tie on, he has fit the mold of his father-in-law to an absolute T, right down to the bone-deep vendettas against upstart Superstars who refuse to succumb to his demands. The Chairman himself has largely left Triple H to his own devices and The Game’s free reign has paid off in terms of visibility, word-of-mouth among the WWE Universe and championship gold.

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If there’s one difference between Mr. McMahon and “Mr. H,” it’s that The Chairman largely kept his blood rivalry to a single Superstar in “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. The King of Kings has made an enemy out of anyone who looks at him the wrong way. Although Daniel Bryan and Big Show have been the main two targets of his wrath, the idea of creating adversaries has never bothered The Cerebral Assassin one iota, so it’s likely that list may expand yet.

Stephanie McMahon is the new Shane McMahon

Back in the day, it was Shane McMahon who sat as his father’s consigliere. Now, The Boy Wonder’s sister Stephanie has fulfilled her destiny as “The Billion Dollar Princess,” rising to become one of WWE’s principal owners and the most feared member of her husband’s regime.

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As Triple H’s partner in crime, Stephanie has clearly inherited her father’s Machiavellian ferocity, firing Superstars who cross her without hesitation (while still playing ball with her enemies in the name of business) and not-so-subtly setting others up for merciless battering at the hands of her minions. In fact, there’s something to be said for Stephanie as the superior choice of a second-in-command rather than her brother: The Boy Wonder could be, all things considered, a relatively nice guy compared to his old man. Stephanie suffers fools less than Mr. McMahon ever did, if such a thing is even possible. Bow down to The Queen. 

Randy Orton is the new Triple H

Every kingdom needs its crown jewel, and in following The Corporation’s footsteps, The Authority went and traded a WWE Champion with one kind of pedigree (or Pedigree) for another.

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While Triple H’s legend was largely unwritten when he ascended to the WWE Title under Mr. McMahon’s watch, Orton’s was, in many ways, pre-ordained. Not only was The Viper among the COO’s handpicked Padawans during the Evolution days, but he brings a third-generation lineage that fits in perfectly with The Authority’s M.O. of selecting homegrown talent as its chosen representatives. If Orton’s brutal treatment of his benefactor’s enemies is any indication, Triple H chose as wisely as Mr. McMahon did.

The Shield is the new Big Boss Man, Ken Shamrock & Test

A man like Triple H (or Mr. McMahon) makes enemies, and he needs at least one hired goon to help him out. Whereas the McMahons had Ken Shamrock, Test & The Big Boss Man to do their dirty work, The Shield has become Triple H’s three-pronged instrument of intimidation within the ranks of The Authority. The Chairman had “The Hired Gun,” and Triple H has The Hounds of Justice.

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Given that The Game has already amassed more rivals in a few months than The Chairman did during his entire reign, it’s only fitting he tripled down on his muscle and recruited WWE’s most brutal newcomers when filling out his ranks. Thus far, they’ve filled their forbearers’ shoes perfectly, right down to their championship laurels: Boss Man & Shamrock, like Rollins & Reigns, were Tag Team Champions, while Ambrose’s U.S. Title matches up with Shamrock’s Intercontinental Championship. Their relative youth does still sometimes trip them up in the face of The Authority’s myriad enemies, but hey, sometimes employees just have to learn on the job.

Kane is the new Kane

He may be in a flame-brushed body suit, or a natty jacket and tie with a flame-inspired pocket square. He may be fresh-faced for the world to see, or hidden behind a grisly-looking mask. He may be rocking long tresses or a corporate buzzcut. He could be toeing the line as the McMahons’ corporate champion in 1998 or enforcing the COO’s will as WWE Director of Operations in 2013. No matter what he’s doing or what his appearance is, there’s only one Kane. And if there’s a corporate takeover going down in WWE, he will be recruited to help make it happen. Some things never change.

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