Exclusive interview: Tyson Kidd on his WWE return

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November 05, 2013

WWE.COM: What support have you received from your fellow Superstars since your injury?

KIDD: I don’t really want to put anybody on the spot — but I’ve received a lot of texts and phone calls from guys. There were quite a few, but I’ll throw Mark Henry out there as a guy that’s actually called me. With most guys, we just text. I’m not really a phone guy. But Mark actually called me a couple of times and Rey Mysterio as well, just seeing if I was OK. When I was in physical therapy I texted Rey, because he tweeted something about needing surgery, and then he called me right away.

WWE.COM: Another Superstar who’s shown support for you has been CM Punk, even giving you a shout-out as a “workhorse” back in January. Did that stick with you during your rehab?

KIDD: Absolutely. When I got hurt, before I got the MRI, I was going down to the school at NXT [now the WWE Performance Center] and doing some pre-surgical therapy on my knee. Punk was down there too, rehabbing his knee. I told him about my MRI, and the same day I got the MRI I went to my doctor, and Punk told me to text him as soon as I was done to let him know how it went.

Punk and I have always gotten along and he’s always been friendly to me. I met him in Ring of Honor on the independent scene in 2003. When he said that workhorse thing, it blew up my Twitter, and now I have people tweeting me every day using #workhorse. That was definitely going through my head the whole time.

I remember thinking, “if my knee is never the same again, but I tried my hardest, then that’s just how it is. But if my knee isn’t the same again because I didn’t try my hardest, then that’s me letting everyone down — including myself.” And that’s just not the kind of person that I am. 

Tyson Kidd & NatalyaWWE.COM: And while this is all going on, you were also involved in the first season of “Total Divas” and actually got married to Natalya on the show. What was that like?

KIDD: It’s funny. These cameras are in your house and you know they’re there. I don’t know if this because I’ve been in sports-entertainment for almost 18 years now, but after a couple of hours, I honestly forget the cameras are there. The next thing I know, I’m watching “Total Divas” back and I see things like my mom playing with my hair while we’re eating and I’m like, “I honestly don’t remember that happening.” I’m not saying they’re sneaky — I know they’re there — but they’re so good at what they do that you just feel so comfortable.

I love that. It wasn’t being on the road, but I still felt like I was in the mix even though I was hurt, and it made me want to get back out there even more. “Total Divas” kind of fell in my lap. Obviously, it’s Nattie’s story and I’m part of it, but the fact that I was at home injured and was still able to contribute to something within the company meant the world to me.

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WWE.COM: What do you hope to accomplish now that you’re back in action?

KIDD: My main goal is to leave everything I have out there in that ring at every arena.

This is a second chance for me. I’ve had a lot of time to reflect, and a lot of time to think about things that I’ve liked so far and things I’ve let fall to the wayside. I won’t waste a single opportunity — even the ones that don’t look like opportunities at first.

This injury has given me the chance to sit back and study the product for almost a year, and I feel like I’m more aware of everything now. But I’m done watching from home. 

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