The Shield joins the top 5 WWE Tag Team Title reigns of all time

#4 Team Hell No (245 days)

A pair of obstinate rivals who couldn’t stop bickering until the second the bell rang, Kane & Daniel Bryan, aka Team Hell No, quickly proved themselves among the most unlikely – not to mention beloved – WWE Tag Team Champions in history. As dominant as they were, Team Hell No’s true favorite opponents were each other. They’d argue, they’d win, and then, when the final pinfall was counted, they’d go back to arguing until the next unwitting challengers meandered into their path.

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This may seem like more of a recipe for disaster than anything else, but give them credit – Kane & Bryan rode their unorthodox formula to a 245-day stretch atop the tag division that culminated with a hellacious title defense against Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston at WrestleMania 29. Their reign has long since ended – along with, evidently, their partnership, as Kane was steel-step guillotined into oblivion by Bray Wyatt and Bryan is off battling “The Authority” – but hey, we’ll always have the hugs.