Why Superstars rescued Daniel Bryan on Raw: 'We're all about what’s right'

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September 18, 2013

Superstars help Daniel Bryan on Raw

At Night of Champions, bearded underdog Daniel Bryan finally triumphed, winning the WWE Championship from Randy Orton. But the celebration was short lived. One night later on Raw, WWE COO Triple H stripped Bryan of the coveted title, citing a fast three count by now former referee Scott Armstrong.

At the close of Raw, Bryan found himself under attack from The Viper and all three members of The Shield. But just when it looked like the submission specialist would suffer the same painful fate he’d met in previous weeks, a slew of Superstars came to his aid. The emotional save whipped the WWE Universe in attendance into a frenzy.

WWE.com caught up with a few of the Superstars who stood up for Bryan to find out why they decided to take action.

Dolph ZigglerDolph Ziggler
"At some point you gotta stand up for yourself. We’d been waiting long enough. We’ve stood on the stage and looked like idiots for weeks. Someone had to do something, so we did. There are going to be some repercussions, obviously. That’s part of the job. I’m here to bring entertainment to fans, not be held down."

Kofi Kingston
“Quite frankly, enough is enough. Things are getting out of control. Dusty Rhodes came out here to stick up for his sons and he ends up leaving in an ambulance. It’s just not right. At some point you have to stand up for yourselves and stand up for what’s right. I know there’s probably going to be repercussions for it, but that’s just the way it is. We all knew what was at risk running out there and we’re ready to face all the consequences that we have to.”

Zack RyderZack Ryder
“I was sick and tired of standing on that stage week in and week out just watching Daniel Bryan get abused. It just wasn't fair. I knew that one day that could be me in there. That could have been Kofi. That could have been Ziggler. That could have been any one of us. So we decided enough was enough. We had to make a change. I’m sure there are going to be repercussions."

"Triple H is all about what's best for business. We're all about what's right."
Zack Ryder

Prime Time PlayersThe Prime Time Players
Darren Young: "I have no problem taking a stand for what’s right. And on Monday Night Raw, we did just that."

Titus O'Neil: "It was an uncomfortable situation here at work, and we’re not ones to sit around and be uncomfortable about anything. For every risk there is a reward. The reward was that people went home happy. And that’s our job. Of course we’ll have to deal with some things internally, but that’s the risk that we’re willing to take to make sure that we’re doing our jobs at the end of the day."

"Monday night was one of the greatest reactions I’ve ever had since being part of this company."
Titus O'Neil

"I don’t know if it was just a matter of being sick and tired of being sick and tired. Or, it was just being part of what should be right. I don’t know if that was the right decision to make or not. I just did what I thought was right. I thought about the repercussions, but I just did it. I’m still surprised at my actions myself. It is what it is.”

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