Exclusive: Rhodes family reacts to Cody's firing

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September 03, 2013

Cody Rhodes was going all in. On Raw, the second-generation Superstar was pitted against his former mentor, WWE Champion Randy Orton, under the most unforgiving of stipulations: If Rhodes lost, WWE COO Triple H would fire him.

The two-time Intercontinental Champion and four-time Tag Team Champion gave it his all, fighting for his very livelihood. A vicious kick to his injured knee and an RKO later, and it was all over — the match, Rhodes’ WWE career and his aspirations to one day become a World Champion.

Under the harrowing circumstances, the three-count was difficult to watch, especially to those closest to Cody. His brother Dustin — known to the WWE Universe as Goldust — was in a state of disbelief as his little brother bid farewell to the WWE Universe all too soon.

“It’s ridiculous,” the two-time WCW United States Champion told WWE.com. “Cody made one wrong step in that match and got his knee kicked out from under him. He had everything going for him, and he’d been doing so, so well — now, all of a sudden, he doesn’t have a job?”

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Although Superstars on the active roster have been tight-lipped regarding The Game’s recent actions, Dustin — unseen in a WWE ring since the 2013 Royal Rumble Match — didn’t hesitate to question the WWE COO’s leadership abilities.

“What’s good for business? I don’t think Hunter knows right this second,” the three-time Intercontinental Champion affirmed, critiquing the man who put Cody’s career on the line solely because he spoke his mind. “I think he’s a little bit blinded by this job and his position. He wants to make his mark and I understand that. But he’s going about it the wrong way.”

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As Cody was led out of the building Monday night, he commented on the McMahon family’s hatred for the Rhodes family over the past two decades, from transforming his father into the polka-dot clad, dancing “American Dream” and rechristening “The Natural” Dustin Rhodes as the bizarre, face-painted Goldust.

Goldust in the 2013 Royal Rumble Match“’The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes has stood for the working man for years and years, having done such a great job in NWA and being three-time World Heavyweight Champion, and they put polka dots on him,” Dustin said. “I understand. To me that was a joke from Mr. McMahon. But dad made it work. It’s the same thing with Goldust. I took it and I ran with it. The Rhodes family always makes things work.”

The veteran continued, “Cody has taken whatever he has been given and has done it to the best of his ability with the perfect attitude. Sure, he’s a little hot-headed and impatient at times, but he was continuing to grow and continuing to cement himself as one of the top Superstars. His future was bright, and it was all taken away because some executive decided to abuse his power.”

Dustin said he has yet to speak with his brother about the firing, which has cast a dark cloud over the week the Rhodes family was getting ready to celebrate Cody’s nuptials.

“I texted him a couple of times, he did text back and said ‘I don’t want to talk right now,’” Dustin explained. “I understand that. If I can’t get on the phone with him, I’m driving down to his house to see if I can talk with him and figure out a Plan B. Whatever happens, Cody’s got me and dad. That’s for damn sure.”

As rattled as Dustin was in the aftermath of Triple H’s startling power play, nothing could prepare WWE.com for the furious diatribe that “The American Dream” had for WWE.com about Triple H and the McMahons’ relationship with the Rhodes family … 

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