Was AJ Lee right or wrong in her verbal attack on the cast of 'Total Divas'?

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August 30, 2013

In summer 2011, CM Punk sat on the Raw entrance ramp and leveled WWE with his infamous "pipe bomb." Two years later, AJ Lee similarly devastated the stars of "Total Divas" and heads certainly turned, if not whipped.

Airing out her grievances, the Divas Champion put the E! reality show cast on blast for the entire WWE Universe to hear, drawing a line in the sand of the women's locker room. When Punk did it, many lauded his bold comments ... but what about AJ? Was the brutally honest broadcasting of her opinions justified? More importantly, is the Divas Champion right?

In a WWE.com poll, WWE fans voted that it was The Bella Twins who were burned the worst by AJ, with Natalya not far behind. The Hart Family Diva took great exception to the venom that spewed from the lips of the unhinged champion, and responded accordingly in an exclusive interview with WWE.com. But what did you think about the vile, extremely personal tirade? Was AJ right or wrong? Comment below with the rest of the WWE Universe and discuss now!

Watch majorly personal mic rants | Natalya loses her cool backstage

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