'Stone Cold' Steve Austin advises Daniel Bryan on corporate warfare

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September 02, 2013

As anyone who watched Austin in action can tell you, fighting WWE management by oneself is always easier said than done. It’s a lesson Bryan has just begun to learn. In fact, only one Superstar in memory has ever made a significant dent without any help, but the task is proving particularly difficult with The King of Kings at the helm. And while Austin was certainly surprised by Bryan’s emergence as a rebel, it’s worth mentioning he didn’t see Triple H’s corporate transformation coming either.

“Man, I’ll tell you what: Back in the day when we were having heated battles in the ring, all over the world, and hell no, I didn’t see it coming,” Austin said. “But just goes to show they didn’t call him The Game for nothing. He’s a smart S.O.B.

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“I think the guy loves the business enough that he didn’t want just any hand in it, he wanted to be at the top and planned his ascent accordingly,” The Rattlesnake continued. “I think he was looking way farther down the road than a lot of guys do.”

With great ambition, though, can also come a great ego. That’s a flaw Mr. McMahon certainly suffered from and one his son-in-law may prove to possess as well—something Austin was careful to convey in his advice to the young Superstar currently walking his path.

“If I could offer any advice to Daniel Bryan, I would tell him to be aggressive. Trust your gut instincts. The best defense is a good offense, and always be on the attack,” said Austin. “But, sometimes, lay in wait. I think Triple H’s ego may mirror Vince’s ego. Sometimes, as cerebral as he is, his ego may get the best of him and you’ll be able to spring an attack on him.”

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Most importantly, though, Austin kept circling around to the same piece of counsel: Stay the course. It’s something The Rattlesnake always did, whether he had the WWE Title or not, and that made him a hero to the WWE Universe. For Bryan, that glory is on the table right now. He just has to be smart enough not to get sidetracked by the particulars of his battle such as championship gold.

“With all these corporate shenanigans going on, he has to stay true to himself,” said Austin. “Whether he gets the title back or overthrows the regime, that’ll come out in the wash. He must remember to stay focused about who Daniel Bryan is: A fiery competitor who loves the business and continues to make a name for himself; the guy who [supposedly] didn’t have the ‘It’ factor, wasn’t big enough, wasn’t good-looking enough. … He’s gotta stay the course and prove that — yes — he’s all that and more.”

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