'Stone Cold' Steve Austin advises Daniel Bryan on corporate warfare

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September 02, 2013

Despite the odd notion of Bryan carrying on his rebellious legacy—Austin was always lashing out at authority, but Bryan’s rage always seemed directed at individuals rather than the corporate cabal he’s now battling—the inherent similarities between “Stone Cold’s” own crusade and Bryan’s isn’t lost on the WWE Hall of Famer.

“It’s a complete parallel, and obviously a decade removed with two cats in these different roles … but it’s a complete parallel with what went on between myself and Vince,” said the former WWE Champion. Still, he isn’t expecting Bryan to break out a beer hose so much as use his unique opportunity to cement his place as a top-tier performer against the most powerful of enemies.

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“I know what  [Triple H’s] mentality is, and he’s been hanging around Vince for so long,” Austin said. “Right now, he’s playing the ultimate game with young Daniel Bryan … I look for similarities in situations and setups, but also for [Daniel Bryan] to push the envelope and come out of the box strong.”

That’s a job that’s harder than it looks when a Superstar’s fight takes on larger implications than a 1-on-1 match, and many a competitor’s morals have suffered at the expense of pushing said envelope. The Rattlesnake was careful to preach caution, believe it or not, as Bryan walks the uncertain line of corporate warfare.

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“He must maintain his clarity and his focus and not get lost in all of it and lose confidence in himself,” said the WWE Hall of Famer. “Play your cards smartly, always be aggressive, never surrender.”

The Rattlesnake also cautioned that a solitary fight must also be fought in solitude, and that Bryan probably shouldn’t expect help from fellow Superstars (although this past Monday made that abundantly clear).

“I think it’s out of the locker room’s hands,” Austin said. “To me, it ain’t about the locker room rallying behind him or offering help. This is one guy against Triple H and the regime. This is Daniel Bryan’s moment to shine and so I think that he needs to focus on that. The locker room needs to let him focus on that so he can prove himself to that locker room.”

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