'Stone Cold' Steve Austin advises Daniel Bryan on corporate warfare

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September 02, 2013

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: An unconventional-looking, technically gifted WWE Superstar possesses all the attributes, tangible and otherwise, to become WWE Champion and, in fact, has the WWE Universe so enthralled they’re literally counting the minutes until he’s finally clad in championship gold. Everyone loves him and wants him to succeed … except the guy who happens to be running WWE. What ensues is less a title pursuit than a battle between man and regime, as said fan favorite must topple in-ring opponents and boardroom opposition to take his rightful place at the top.

OK, now, pop quiz: Name the Superstar we just described.

He pretty obviously could be Daniel Bryan, thanks to events of recent weeks, but fans of The Attitude Era will recognize it as the basis for the years-long, zeitgeist-infiltrating battle between Mr. McMahon and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. It’s hard to believe that, 10 years later, the defining conflict of The Attitude Era would be reprising itself with Bryan, of all people, at the helm, yet as the submission specialist embarks on his latest, most significant battle, WWE.com sought the wisdom of The Bionic Redneck himself. In between enjoying his movie career, "Redneck Island" and his must-hear podcast (and the occasional Steveweiser), Austin obliged us with advice for his unlikely heir apparent.

For starters, it turns out The Texas Rattlesnake didn’t exactly see this one coming.

“No, I didn’t see too much ‘Stone Cold’ in [Daniel Bryan], but I saw a young man who could work his ass off in the ring, who had a lot of fire and passion for the business,” Austin told WWE.com. “With that being said, he’s dealing with a very worthwhile adversary in Triple H, a guy with physicality and intelligence  on top of that, and of course, he’s got some advice coming from Vince.

“Vince is the ultimate third-generation promoter,” Austin said of his old archenemy. “He’s been there and done that in every situation that’s ever been done in the history of sports-entertainment. Triple H is gonna lean on him for some resources. Young Daniel Bryan must stay the course and maintain his intensity.”

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