Inside John Cena's 'Five Moves of Doom'

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August 15, 2013

You’ve probably heard of them. You’ve definitely seen them. They are WWE Champion John Cena’s much-discussed “Five Moves of Doom,” the colloquial term for the sequence used by The Champ name-dropped by Cena himself on Raw this past Monday to typically administer soul-crushing defeat to his opponents.

The reputation of these five signature moves is somewhat mixed, as Cena has admitted. On the one hand, several of Cena’s detractors like to take The Champ to task for his persistence in using this move set to fell his foes. That said, there’s no disputing the results the sequence produces: 11 WWE Championships, a pair of World Heavyweight Titles, plus three U.S. Title reigns and a few stints as WWE and World Tag Team Champion.

The debate will rage on regardless, but before Cena attempts to ply his notorious maneuvers against Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam, presents an in-depth look at the Five Moves themselves. 

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