CM Punk vs. Paul Heyman: Tale of the tape

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August 10, 2013

CM Punk

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 218 lbs.
From: Chicago, Ill.
Signature Moves: GTS (Go to Sleep); Anaconda Vise

As a WWE fan-favorite, the longest-reigning WWE Champion of the modern era and one of the most hard-nosed and hard-headed Superstars to ever step in the squared circle, the inimitable Punk is largely a known commodity.

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Although Lesnar’s vicious attacks in recent weeks have resulted in bone-rattling F-5s, The Best in the World has refused to back down from his SummerSlam opponent, repeatedly showing the uncompromising toughness that he has become known for. It’s not The Beast Incarnate who Punk is scheduled to face on Raw Monday, though.

One has to like Punk’s chances in any physical confrontation with Heyman, as the double-crossing legal adviser has needed bailouts from Lesnar and Axel every time he’s been cornered or attacked by his former friend. Those highly dangerous Superstars, however, are potentially Heyman’s greatest strength heading into this “one-on-one” match with Punk.

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