What if Daniel Bryan gave John Cena an Extreme 'Makeunder'?

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August 06, 2013

As tranformations go, Daniel Bryan’s reaction to his WWE “corporate makeover” was way more “No! No! No!” than “Yes! Yes! Yes!” From his slicked-back hair to his power suit and tie, Bryan looked less granola and more Gordon Gekko. And although he grudgingly played along with the revamp, he pushed back – literally – when it came time to shave off his iconic beard.

But why should Bryan be the only Superstar subject to an appearance alteration? With that in mind, the WWE App thought it only fair to expose Bryan’s SummerSlam opponent, WWE Champion John Cena, to the transformation treatment as well. The catch? We wondered what The Champ would look like after a decidedly Bryan-esque “makeunder,” complete with long hair, lumberjack beard, earthy necklace and a shirt any Subaru-driving, free-spirit could dig.

So, how do you like The Champ now? Let us know on Facebook, or tweet us your thoughts using #CenaMakeunder.

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