Marathon men: Superstars who wrestled more than once in a night

It might have well been called, “Monday Night Daniel Bryan” on June 3, as the submission specialist took over Raw by competing in two grueling matches in his latest attempt to prove to himself that he is not Team Hell No’s “weak link.”

Kicking the night off with an explosive Six-Man Tag Team Match against The Shield, Bryan then made the somewhat rash decision to take on the ever-hungry Ryback later in the night.

Watch Bryan go berserk!

As remarkable as Bryan’s performance was, though, the former World Heavyweight Champion is hardly the first to perform double-duty on a given night of squared-circle action. After all, as WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair used to say, he’d wrestle six days a week, then twice on Sundays.

But to do what WWE’s submission specialist did on Raw is truly an accomplishment, as are the following examples of Superstars locking up more than once over the course of a given show.