Who is Kaitlyn's secret admirer?

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April 30, 2013

Where do these Rhodes lead?

Cody Rhodes and Kaitlyn appeared to be circling each other in recent weeks, sharing several meaningful moments and getting tongue-tied in each other’s presence. Although Team Rhodes Scholars have been conspicuously associating with The Bella Twins, it’s possible that the super-talented second-generation Superstar actually has his sights set on the stunning Divas Champion.

Watch the evolution of Kaitlyn from NXT to Divas Champion

Or could this secret admirer actually be one of Kaitlyn’s fellow WWE titleholders? Maybe one of the members of WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No — Kane or Daniel Bryan — or United States Champion Kofi Kingston has strong feelings for the always improving Hybrid Diva. Maybe this secret admirer is even more unexpected and surprising ...

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