7 Dream Teams to face The Shield

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April 17, 2013

Shane McMahon, Mr. McMahon and Triple H

For any treacherous trio hell-bent on unleashing their own brand of justice throughout WWE, it only stands to reason that, sooner or later, they’d have to answer to the first family of the squared circle.

Watch Shane McMahon, Mr. McMahon and Triple H join forces

Just imagine how interested Triple H would be in such a matchup, after The Shield came within inches of attacking the injured Game on the April 12 edition of SmackDown. Certainly Mr. McMahon — the ruthless Chairman of WWE who never backs down from a fight when the future of his company is at stake — would take up the mantle. And a competitor the caliber of Shane McMahon, who could arguably rival Cactus Jack in terms of pure extreme aggressiveness, would be an ideal candidate to help crack The Shield.

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