Raw results: Undertaker & Kane honor Paul Bearer, and CM Punk makes his most despicable move yet

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March 11, 2013

Randy Orton & Sheamus def. Team Rhodes Scholars


The WWE Universe may never know if Team Rhodes Scholars would have beaten The New Age Outlaws on Raw, but the scholarly snarks got their clocks cleaned by no less a duo than Sheamus & Randy Orton, who assembled into an impromptu team at the behest of Vickie Guerrero to take on the Scholars. Even having the newly returned Bella Twins on their arms (WATCH: THE BELLAS RETURN) didn’t give Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow enough positive mojo to stop the momentum of The Viper and The Celtic Warrior.

Although Team Rhodes Scholars put up a tough fight, easing right back into their patented divide-and-conquer strategy, Orton & Sheamus’ bond seemed to have grown in wake of their common attacks at the hands of The Shield. A resounding Brogue Kick to the bearded chin of Damien Sandow ensured that the Scholars hit the road on a down note.

Unfortunately for Sheamus & Orton, their night didn't end much better when The Shield struck during the commercial break, swarming the victors on the stage during the commercial break, with Seth Rollins striking The Apex Predator with a flying knee that left the former World Champion prone on the arena floor. (WATCH)

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